a ray of light


Spring is coming!
The energy rises again in the plants and trees. Everyone has its own rhythm. The oak already proudly enjoys its own power. The beech is still very sleepy. But life force rises everywhere in any blade of grass.
Thanks to the dark winter, any bit of life appears strong and clear…that’s the secret! See how a single ray of light can enlighten the darkest room!…

The life’s energy is coming back from winter sleep. And we as human beings have the privilege to witness this magic. We can see and deeply understand, deeply experience the coldness and the first ray of light, the all subtleties of the light
The all ever changing nature is inspiring our soul’s processes. What a support and example that we receive if we take the time and attention to be receptive. No long time is necessary but yes, it is necessary to slow down and watch and feel and breathe deep in the fresh air…

Nature is speaking all the time, it just a matter of listening. The magic is that we can always listen deeper and deeper. There is no limit but ours. Listening is an art. It has its rules.

To listen properly we first need to dive deep inside ourselves. That’s exactly what winter offers us: An inner listening time. Without those steps inside ourselves all communication stays hopelessly superficial. And superficiality doesn’t make us happy, isn’t it?

Thus dive deep inside, know yourself, cross your winter and look around with renewed and refreshed view: All around is life!

All the best,


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