Little Christmas tale


There is each year between the solstice and Christmas this suspended moment: Nature holds its breath. As if life receded and became imperceptible. Everything seems dead, absent. The Gods do us the honor of withdrawing completely for a moment. They leave us in a moment of utter abandonment, of utter solitude. They give us our deepest freedom. And they leave us the choice: Are we going to live this moment of abandonment fully and in full awareness, or on the contrary flee it in all kinds of distractions? (Which are otherwise also useful, that is not the point). Are you going to taste this moment in all its depth? Are you going to taste this space that opens up? The initial pain is remembered to our memory … This inner loneliness that our lives are organized so well to avoid as much as possible …
Yet it is the root of our humanity that presents itself to us. Our deep and mysterious humanity beckons us. This gaping hole of being can become a passage. It is an infinite potential that needs to be fertilized.
Patient, attentive and unintentional observation is the key to the passage.
The journey takes place on its own. Doing it mindfully is up to us.
This space of solitude is that of our absolute freedom and it is the crucible for the transformation of our soul. The passage takes place in this crucible. : The infinite obscurity is populated slowly and surreptitiously.
A feeling slowly comes in: That of gratitude. An initial Gratitude, out of nowhere, without an object and embracing everything. Who is because she is.
What more can be said ?
Ah yes it is a birth, a flame, soft, vulnerable, which tells us: This is what you are.
He is the man found, reconciled, the one who speaks to the Gods about the new link with them.
Merry Christmas.

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