Toy vs Wifi

Dear Friends,

A little curiosity to start the school year: I found this toy in the shape of a Torus and I told myself that I could do something with it.


Indeed: It helps to harmonize the energies of a room!

My house is crossed by no less than 15 Wifi from the neighbors. And yes we are in the area of ​​great freedom:  I do not have any wifi because I am sensitive to the waves but I have to leave in the middle of it. , No Choice!
Yes sir wifi is bad for health and yes sir is now scientifically proven. Since those who do not feel anything need machines that measure or studies on test groups ….

So energeticaly, this form helps the body to redistribute its energies.
So, next to the bed, it compensates for wifi attacks.

Result: I sleep better, I wake up with the impression of being restored and having energy.

But there is a but, there is always a but to any protection system: The energy feels quiet as having a metallic quality  but more serious I have the impression that it cuts me a little of the spiritual. I feel like too much locked in the shape of the Torus. But it’s still to be verified.

This is also a defect that I encounter in all systems of energy protection: They want to do so well that we find ourselves isolated from cosmic influences, the moon of stars, planets, in short, what watches over us the night. For example, I had tried a magnet mattress,( from Nikken): It makes you a pretty cocoon of blue energy all around you. And nothing can reach you any more. You’ re so protected that it isolates you from the cosmos … Good connoisseurs tell me what to do!, If at night your soul leaves your body to go regenerate in the cosmos, it shouldn’t matter so much if the physical body stays strongly surrounded in a field of energy. If anyone has any experience and knowledge there, please tell, I’ m listening to your experiences!.

This toy costs 5 euros. When you compare the price of this thing to theprice of systems against the waves, it’s a bit funny …

So it does not cost much to try. If you do, I will be very curious about your experiences. In this aera, if you yourself have found effective methods to protect yourself from some of these permanent invisible attacks, let me know.

We live in a world of brutal and insensitive brutes who do not care. A world of lobbies who know very well that all these waves are real shit for us but who cynically sell their stuff. Portable, microwave-wifi etc.

So any intelligent respons to those destructive forces is welcome!

Awake friends, sleep well under good proctection!
All the Best!



Improvement of the system following the advice of Nicolas Almand: Put beeswax in the middle of the Torus. Here I simply used a candle made of beeswax.
Result: It works!
The metal side of the energy has given way to solar energy but soft.
So conducive to restful rest.
So much less the impression of being locked in shape. All my room is really transformed.
Really the simplest system, the most economical and the most effective against Wifi. !


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