Coronna and Skype session

Hello everyone,

Because of the corona virus, I will no longer give a shiatsu session for an indefinite period.

But I won’t let you down and will try to continue to help you the best I can. We can do sessions from distance via skype. Like many of you, I prefer direct contact, but given the circumstances, this is what we have left. And then instead of complaining, it can become a new adventure! … So here it is:

Energy therapy via Skype.

This takes place in 3 stages;

– Dialogue to identify the subject of the session.

– Energy treatment, or emotional transformation work.

– Feedback after treatment.

During the energy treatment, we interrupt the skype session.

While meditating and visualizing your energetic condition, I work on the meridians, the energetic layers according to what seems necessary to me and according to what we discussed at the beginning.

For the emotional work we will do the same thing as what we would do during the sessions in my practice: Visualizations in which I guide you step by step in a process of transformation.

These sessions cannot be reimbursed as are those of shiatsu, so I lower my prices so that they remain accessible to you: The first at The following at 55 eu / hour. A session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Hoping that each and every one will come out reinforced by the difficulties that we are going to cross.

A great period of transformation is looming, and much will depend on our attitude, both internal and external.

Sincerly Yours,


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