In this well-known image of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, we can see the imagination of the great Isis-Sophia, the Divine Knowledge giving birth to Divine Love. The great Isis-Sophia, wrapped in a deep blue starry cloak, the Heaven of the mysteries of the cosmic origin of humanity. This origin which was once taught in the secret of the mysteries of the temples, envelops us in its starry coat, patiently waiting for us to awaken to it …
Because what humanity suffers the most from is its ignorance. Never before has man known himself so little in the history of mankind. He’s never been so far from himself. Never has he known so much to the outside world and so little about his true nature. Never has he been so delusional about himself. Human arrogance has never reached such a level, for ignorance breeds arrogance. Knowledge begets Love. The reverse is an illusion. To believe that one can love without knowing is a Luciferian illusion. To know without loving is an Arhimanian dryness.
So let’s find by our efforts the great Isis, cosmic knowledge, she who knows our divine origins. For it alone can engender unselfish love, one who gives without waiting, who radiates because he radiates, who is because he is.
Merry Christmas, Merry Flame, Merry Birth …

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