Merry Christmas!

boeuf-et-aneEach religious celebration is an opportunity to remember how deep our life is connected and dependent on the Universe.

Each year, 3 days after the winter’s solstice, is the Nativity. The birth of Jesus in a cave.
Such simple images are carrying such a deep wisdom, and one can be so slow to unveil it. According to the Gnostics we will look today at those pictures as descriptions of pure inner processes. It means that diving deep into those images can lead us to inner experiences and deeper inner knowledge.

The ox and the donkey stand for the belly and the head. In the threefold view on human being, the 3 main centers are belly- chest- head, corresponding, among other things, to the three soul’s qualities: willing-feeling-thinking.

Thus, we see that something happens between head and belly, in the cavity of the heart. Originally the scene did not take place in a stable but in a cave. This corresponds much more to its actual meaning: a cavity in the left ventricle of the heart. This is the place where the miracle happens: every year here a new man is born. The Jesus child is the glimpse of the divine in us. Every year in the middle of winter, in the darkness, when will land head are at rest, rises the awareness of our Center of eternity, the seed of immortality.

When everything is silent, in this very cavity of the heart, rises our divine self, immortal and connected to the all universe, it is a tiny flame. It is up to us to notice it or not, to cultivate it or not. It is here anyway, waiting to be seen, needing nothing but our attention to grow.
There is a condition for it to be seen: to accept first to experience the darkness of the winter, this moment of absolute not knowing and to stay in it.

One can say it is a tiny little source of pure love, ready to grow if we take care of it.

So, those simple images indeed evoke beautiful deep processes. It is possible then to take some time with those images, what they evoke and let grow in us this tiny strong loving center.

It is Christmas and it is all over the year. When one withdraws from any earthy activity, when one withdraws from any thnking, and simply concentrates on the silence of the heart, one can feel the quality of this inner flamme.
Christmas every day! Christmas all year long!


Merry Christmas!

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