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by InnerChoice-shiatsu The Hague

Are you looking for a lasting improvement of your physical and/or emotional pains ?

Do you want a treatment being in harmony with who you are and respecting the laws of your body ?

You have chronicle pains since long or you’re going through difficult emotional time.

You want a real change and are fed up with treatments not going to the roots of the problems.

You want someone seeing you behind your pain.

InnerChoice-Shiatsu treats the depth of your problems.

From a therapy you can expect that:

– Your pains are gone or lessened. The deep causes being addressed, the results are lasting.
– You feel more unified, more in touch with yourself and your inner power. You feel the vital force, the energy flowing into you. You are more positive and get some new impulse for living your life.

– You know better how to transform negative emotions into individual force. You’re not afraid any more from your emotions and have learned to consider them as what they are: A mean of personal evolution.

Are my therapies for you and are they able to address your specific symptoms?
If you want to know that,
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