Summer Hollidays !

Hallo Every one,

After an intense half year here are the holidays!
I’ve made this year wonderful workshops: One with Suzanne Yates, a great teacher who specialised herself about all kind of women specificity: menstruation, pregnancies etc.! This year it went over the menopause, seen from an energetically-spiritual point of view.

Then came a very powerful workshop with Mike Mandle over sleep problematics and how to look at it from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view and treat it with shiatsu. Very efficient and clear approach on a not so easy subject.

I’m really happy with my last personal developments as well. Next to the shiatsu itself which develops more subtle and powerful, I could refine the meditative approach on emotional work, supported sometimes with new technics like family constellation.


Working body, energy and consciousness, that stays the big lines of my treatments.
Sometimes the body needs more care, sometimes conscious processes, that’’ s all this pallet of possibilities which makes the beauty of helping other to experience less pain, more clarity, direction and power.

I’m stopping for one month, taking a deep breath into nature and my root country, and meet you again from the 21 of Augustus.

I wish to everyone a joyful, pleasant and rich summer.
And if fit is not, a powerful learning summer!

All the best!

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